Fix Chromecast Not Working Error | Chromecast Issues on TV, Android & PC

Chromecast not working For live streaming services on the big screen, you can go for the chrome cast services which are available both for the laptop as well as PC. When it comes to the smooth functioning of this app, there is no technical glitch observed by the users. But often you will come across an annoying Chromecast not working error which shelves down your entertainment plan.

Resolving Chromecast Not Working Error on TV and PC:

There are many issues which can pop up while you are using this tool for a valuable entertainment experience. When something prevents you to fix chromecast not working error or not found from working properly there are surely some problems involved in that. To resolve these problems, you need to keep in mind the troubleshooting tips which are stated below.

Types of errors in chromecast functioning:

There are some common sorts of error which can be encountered if you are working on chrome:

Another possibility is that, you may have received a defective device

If you have trouble in setting up other guest modes

Issues related with casting apps on TV from devices

Problems related to setting up of tool

While using a Chrome cast, you may also see an error message

There could be some other reasons besides the above ones.

What is the basic troubleshooting procedure for making chromecast work smoothly?

Chromecast works well when you have verified your chromecast setup as per the following criteria meant for basic troubleshooting:

Make sure your Chromecast device correctly set up (Notice: Follow the next step only when you have checked the set up as per the previous step)

Try Google Home app for casting your device

At least, 2.4 GHz band has to be present for your Chrome cast device to work properly

Check which operating system you are using from the list mentioned below in this section

You should try casting through chrome with other devices also, which involves using some other laptop of smartphone besides the one you are using. If other devices are working properly during casting, this implies a problem is on your device only.

The above were the basic steps which you have to keep in mind while resolving the chromecast not working error.

Some basic facts about the OS of your device being casted:

You should also check which operating system you are using on your device from the list below:

Some issues are created owing to the problems associated with the operating system as well and it you know well about OS of your device, you can resolve the problem in a quick time.

The alternative set of instructions to resolve chromecast not working error:

Above we described the basic ways of setting your chromecast app in an apt way and this section of the guide describes alternative ways in case the former doesn’t work. Have a look at steps below:

Check if the power supply to your device is proper as in some cases, the power supplied is cut when you have switched off your TV. This comes out to be a major reason that chrome cast does not work in a proper way.

Many times, your chromecast dongle works improperly and in that case, simply unplugging and plugging the dongle again can set the things right

Many times poor Wi-Fi signal can also play the culprit so before you go for casting ensure your that internet connection is set right

When Wi-Fi signals are weak, you may go for the boosters which can truly help you a lot in making the casting through chrome a smooth experience.