Different Usage of Cardio Equipments

Most guys have a habit of showing off their muscles and keeping themselves lean.

Well: There’s nothing wrong with it. Cardio does help you in the following matters.

But: When your main concern is burning fat, you ought to know the right kind of cardio exercise for losing weight.

Say, if you train yourself as a distance runner, you will get a body exactly like that of a distance runner. There will be fewer muscles and a very lean physic. On the other hand…… If you train yourself in the form of a sprinter, with intensive workouts, your body will take the shape of a sprinter with growth in the muscles and loss of fat.

So, the bottom line is…… The intensity gets paramount importance!

The more intense your workout program is, the more calories will you burn.

Henceforth: A physical training of high intensity is a great option for shedding fat and gaining muscles.

Now: You must be interested to know which cardio equipment helps you lose weight quickly and get a muscular body soon.

Given below is a list of equipment that make cardio workouts more effective.

  • Elliptical


These machines were manufactured to help your knees and hips. However, it is a great mode of the workout.

It is a great method of burning fat without harming your knees.

If you want to activate your leg muscles more, add a high incline to it.

Avoid holding the handles too tight, otherwise, it can minimize your efforts and land up in shoulder of wrist ache.

  • Running at a moderate pace

Running at a steady pace is definitely a good way of burning excess calories.


Only running is not the way to build muscles.

I am sure, Only the Best treadmill can stimulate your running pace by inclining the device by 2 – 3%. This will help you burn more calories and will be much easier for your knees.

  • Stair climber

The stair climber is another effective way of burning fat.

Since it has leg lifting movements when you are climbing up, your muscles get stronger. The best way stair climber can help you is if you perform 10 – 15 rounds of this workout, your calories will get burnt at a much faster pace than the normal level.


There is a drawback to this exercise.

Climbing up and down the stairs puts a lot of weight and pressure on your joints. So, if you are suffering from a knee problem, you have two options to this exercise:

  1. Either you do not go for stair climbing
  2. Or visit a doctor to get rid of the knee problem.

Choose any one!

  • Jumping rope

There is a specific reason to why you will always find a jumping rope in a gym trainers’ regime.


The reason is very simple – it is cheap, easy to work upon, increases your speed of foot and above all, reduces tons and tons of calories.


Jumping rope also imparts strength to your shoulders.

To be more precise…

… If you are working on the jumping rope of 30 minutes at a stretch, you can burn up to 500 calories.

Jumping over a rope for as long as 30 minutes is really difficult. So, what you can do is break your time and take short intervals in between.


If you travel a lot, nothing can be as easy as carrying the jumping rope.

  • Cycling

For cycling, it is not necessary that you need to hit the gym. Even if you have a cycle at home (not a stationary one), you can go out for cycling. Fix a time period.

Do not forget to keep the intensity high otherwise the calories will not be burnt.