What keeps the wind from blowing my building away?

We have an exclusive anchoring system that will ensure your building does not move. Additional Anchoring systems are available for added security.

How much snow can my building withstand?

Our structures are very sturdy and capable of withstanding winter months in heavy snowfall areas.
Most snow easily slides off the smooth surface of our covers by itself. In the event of a buildup, the snow can be easily removed by tapping on the building’s ceiling from the inside.
If you will not be able to attend to the shelter, we recommend additional rafters for added security.

Will the sun affect the life span of my building?

Our industrial-leading quality, 10 oz. 24 mil thick cover material lasts an average of 7-10 years, if left up all year round depending on the amount of UV.

Can I move my building after I’ve built it?

Depending on the size of your building and equipment available, most buildings can be easily disassembled and moved after they’ve been constructed.

How difficult is it to build my building?

Most of our buildings can be assembled with simple tools in a few hours. No special tools are required. All required hardware and detailed instructions are included. If you ever need help, you can reach us at 603-731-9030.

How can we order our building and how long will it take to receive it?

Depending on your location in the U.S., time is usually 7-10 business days.

Would I be able to pick up my building myself?

You may pick up your building at the warehouse in Milford, CT.

Will I be able to buy replacement parts?

The manufacturer sells all the individual parts for all the shelters.

How can you offer these low prices combined with such low shipping? I’ve added up the numbers, and it almost seems too good to be true…

Our mission is to ALWAYS give our customers exactly what WE would hope to find in a seller – someone who REALLY cares about providing quality and value. And that is precisely what we have done with our decision to bring you the highest quality portable garage and shelter structures. And since we also have lower overhead than some other retailers, we truly are able to pass those savings on to you. We enjoy win-win situations!

What type of fabric is used in your portable garages and shelters?

The covers are made of a 10 oz industrial grade rip-stop poly that is ultra-violet ray treated on both sides to prevent sunlight from deteriorating the covers. These covers will last years in the sun. Rip-stop poly means if you were to get a tear in the cover, the rip will not continue. All of our covers contain a black scrim material between the colored exterior and white interior fabric.

What is so special about black scrim material?

This black scrim material blocks UV by 100% which allows our covers to last seven to ten years! Most portable buildings on the market do not have the black scrim material and only last three to five years.

What colors do you offer?

For most of our product line, we offer three attractive colors: green, gray, and tan to match your landscaping (some of our larger buildings are available in green and grey only). All three colors have a white interior which makes for a bright inside. Our greenhouses are a translucent white, and our party tents are white with attractive blue trim (and clear plastic windows).

What type of fabric is used in your greenhouses and party tents?

Our backyard greenhouses and party tents use a strong, yet lightweight UV Protected Fabric 20 mil Backed Poly Material 8 0z. weight. As is the case with our portable garages, the main cover and doors are fire resistant, and meet California fire code CPAI -84 Section 5.

Are your products fire resistant?

The fabric is flame-resistant and meets California fire code CPAI-84.

How are your portable garage frames made?

The tubing on our instant garages are high quality galvanized structural steel tubing that is designed not to rust. Our frames are also pre-drilled and are assembled with carriage bolts so that there are no power tools required during assembly. Our lighter weight party tents, greenhouses, and Metal/Steel carports use powder coated finish on an all steel frame. Our 1-car garages use a strong 1-5/8″ diameter tubing, and our 2-car and larger garages (including the RV Shelter) use an even stronger 2-3/8″ diameter tubing.

How long will it take for me to set up my portable garage?

Average installation time on the one car garage is 3-4 hours with two people the first time setting it up. Some of our larger buildings may take a longer (for example, a large, barn style building might take an afternoon or a little longer), while some of our smaller and lighter weight structures, such as our easy-to-assemble party tents or mini greenhouses may take a little less time. All of our temporary or portable shelters are ready to assemble, and all hardware is included. You will also receive a step-by-step assembly manual with your shelter – as well as a toll-free number to call if you have technical or installation questions!

What kind of anchors do you use?

We use a cable hook anchoring system for our portable garages. Each anchor is 3 feet long and the cable is made of stainless steel. This prevents rusting. The anchor is driven into the earth with a 3 foot long drive rod that fits into the head of the anchor. Each anchor has a 1200 pound pull out ratio. Other companies use augers that are only 6 inches long and they are very difficult to screw into the ground and may pull out easily. The party tents are anchored by stakes. The metal/steel carports use a stainless pin (see the description).

What kind of portable garage styles do you offer?

We offer two styles, house and round, depending on the style. Both styles are designed with heavy duty, galvanized steel frames to withstand snow and high winds.

Which style is better for snow, House or Round?

Keep in mind that these buildings are not engineered, and we cannot offer or guarantee snow load or wind resistance figures. Customers have reported that the Round style seems to shed snow more easily; however, regardless of the style you choose, it is recommended that if you are experiencing very heavy snowfall that you knock the snow off occasionally from inside.

Does the House/Peak style give me more headroom than the Round style?

While the round and house/peak style instant garages are similar to each other as far as overall strength goes, because the house/peak style has straight sidewalls, there is a little more “work space” on the sides.

Will I need to pay property tax on my portable garage or shelter?

Our portable shelters and garages are temporary structures, so you may not need to pay taxes. Of course it is prudent that you check with your local tax assessor’s office to be sure.

Will I need a building permit to set up my portable garage?

Our portable shelters and garages are temporary structures. In many cases, a permit is not likely to be required, since the garages and shelters are not permanent structures, and they can be moved easily. However; there are certain instances – such as in certain residential associations (e.g. condominium associations) where such structures are not allowed. In addition, some municipalities require permission to set these up. Therefore, just as is the case with property taxes, we advise that you check your local regulations before you buy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your convenience and for faster delivery, we accept PayPal, and major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover). Your credit card statement will show the charge from Over The Top Shelters. If you wish to pay by check or money order, simply contact us at coreyfitz@overthetopshelters.com for payment instructions. For our friends and neighbors in Canada, we will invoice you direcly by PayPal.

How are Over The Top Shelters buildings delivered?

Buildings are all shipped via motor freight using any of the following carriers: ABF, Landair, Con-Way, Roadway, or FedEx.

Do I need to be home when the building arrives?

The customer must be present and provide a way to get the boxes off the truck. A handtruck is the preferred method although liftgate service is provided at an additional charge. The customer must also sign upon receiving the shipment.

What sizes do you offer?

Over The Top Shelters offers the following sizes:


Do you offer a warranty?

All of our buildings are covered under the Rhino Shelter Two(2) Year non pro-rated Warranty. The frame of the building has a ten(10) year warranty.

What is NOT covered by the warranty?

The two Year Warranty does not cover the following: Damage to the product due to misuse, mishandling, and abuse. Products not used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations. Normal wear and tear, along with wearing of the cover due to improper installation of cover and doors. Damage to the contents of the shelter. Damage that has occurred during shipping. Acts of God. In addition, consequential damage and incidental damages, such as damage to persons or property are not coverable under this warranty, and you should refer to your homeowner’s insurance policy as with any other outside structure.

Why are you requiring my daytime phone number?

We need your daytime phone number so that the trucking company can contact you to schedule delivery of your portable garage or shelter.

Can you ship to Canada?

We would be happy to supply you with a shipping quote to Canada (Note: You must provide us with a Customs Agent. Also, our products are manufactured in China. This may be important for you to note.) Please provide us with your address, along with the name and SKU of the item you are interested in, and we will obtain a shipping quote for you. Bear in mind that orders to Canada will be subject to whatever duties or taxes are levied on such products. You will need to discuss and determine taxes and duties with your customs office. Since our website is not set up to take online orders from Canada or other international destinations, we provide an invoice direcly to you through PayPal once you have given us your final order by email. Email us at corey.fitz@overthetopshelters.com.

(Special Note for our Canadian friends in SE British Columbia or Southern Alberta: It may save you some money to have your order shipped to The Montana Shipping Outlet in Eureka, Montana, which is very close to the border – just 8 miles south of Roosville, BC. For a small fee, they can receive your portable garage for you to pick up there. Call them at (406) 297-2016 or visit their web site at: www.montanashipping.com. Of course you are still responsible for your taxes and/or duties at the border.)