How to Access IP Address Username and Password

For each and every router you will get the username and password right at the back of the router and if you forget your password by mistakenly then you have to reset your router. So now I am going to provide you some guidelines in order to reset your wireless router.

First of all, you have to turn around your wireless login and hold down the reset button for a while. In order to do that, you may need some pointy objects like a pen or screwdrivers.

Now, release the reset button and then unplugged your wireless router for a few seconds.
After that plug in your wireless router again and wait for a while unless your wireless router gets a boot up again. You have to wait for the maximum for 1 minute.

Now you can connect your computer system to your router through a network cable or by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Connect your wireless router through 192.168.l.l router address and type your default password of the admin.

Now you will be able to change your default password and keep your strong password. This time make sure that you note down your new password or else store it in a free password manager.

That’s it; your default password is finally changed, and you can save the new password of your router.

How to Login to IP Address?

If you change the default settings of your router, you need to type in your browser address bar simply. After that you have to enter your username and password, or else you can enter your default username “admin” and your default password” admin.” Now you will be able to access your router and log in your system successfully.

Now finally I would like to suggest you that if you are facing any kind of problem regarding IP address for changing your default username or password for your router, then you can follow the above steps which I have mentioned earlier.


This IP address is very important for every system to connect to the internet via the route, so, therefore, you must know about 192.168.l.l IP address very clearly for setting up your router. I hope you will get some help with my article and if want to share your feelings then you can freely give your comment.