With the introduction of VersaTube’s metal 2×4, larger buildings became available to be used for workshops, manufacturing facilities, commercial warehouses and storage buildings.   Widths are available from 30’ up to 52’.   Exterior heights are available from 10’ up to 16’, measured on the eave side.  26 gauge panel upgrade is available for extreme weather condition areas.  Slip-Fit connections allow for an easier and quicker installation, compared to pole buildings or wood construction.  Our buildings are completely resistant to insects and come with a 20 year warranty.



Frame- manufactured from 2×3 or 2×4 rectangular tubing, which is stronger than round tubing

Galvanized- frame members are galvanized steel for longer lifespan than powder coated metal

Assembly – our patented Slip-Fit design makes assembly a breeze, no cutting, no waste

Metal Panels – choose from horizontal or vertical roof panel design, 29 gauge painted steel

Colors – available in a wide variety of colors, that is sure to please everyone

Pitch – the roof has a 3:12 pitch, and is engineered to meet local building wind and snow requirements