Important Teeth Whitening Methods Your Dentist Use

Let’s start with an example. People can recover from cold and fever by following home remedies. But still, they go to doctors, why? For better results and safety. Home remedies are useful, but they may or may not show effects on the body. In the same way, there are techniques and tricks for whitening your teeth at home. But still, consulting a doctor and getting the process done professionally is always the safest and secured way.

This article provides you with the information on the Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen methods that dentist use.

Why teeth turn yellow?

Primary reasons for teeth turning yellow are consuming alcohol, tea or coffee exceeding the limit. These activities lead to decolorization of tooth enamel. Few antibiotics can also cause side effects resulting in the change of your teeth color.

It doesn’t mean to stop consuming coffee or drinks entirely. Brushing your teeth after drinking can minimize the effects. But it is strictly advised to stop taking cigarettes and alcohol.

Here are some of the methods that dentist use to whiten your teeth:

  • In-office:

Dentist applies a gel over your teeth and leaves it on for one hour.  The laser is used to increase the bleaching action. Based on the condition, heat or any light source can also be used.

  • Take-home:

Unlike in-office whitening method, dentist gives you mouth trays that you can fill with gel; the dentist also provides that gel. In the home, people have to fill the tray with gel and place in the mouth over the teeth. The dentist also suggests the time to keep them.

  • Whitening strips:

Strips are nothing but bandages which should be placed over the teeth. You should leave it on for about 30 minutes. Doing this process twice a day can give accurate results. However, the dentist may suggest keeping for more or less time as it depends on the condition of the patient.

  • Whitening Gums:

This is relatively easier and is comfortable. Whitening Gums are chewing gums which you have to eat for some time. In general, eight pieces per day is preferred by a dentist. But again this number changes based on the condition of teeth of the patient.

  • Tooth paste:

Unlike regular toothpaste, dentists provide you with a whitening toothpaste that can minimize stains, plague formed over the teeth. Toothpaste is a mixture of chemicals and polishing agents used to perform the task.

  • Teeth whitening pens:

Teeth whitening pens are effective and easy to use. One of the most used pens is Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen. Working is same for all different products but the composition of compounds in making gel differs.

  • Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen:

This pen consists of gel that is applied to teeth after brushing. It consists of Glycerin, Carbomer, ETDA, Sodium Sacchar, Water and Hydrogen Peroxide. No harmful chemicals are used. Hence no significant side effects are recorded till date. The process of application is simple:

  • Brush your teeth.
  • Now open and twist the pen gently to release the gel.
  • Start applying the gel on your teeth.
  • Relax the lips after a minute.

Be careful while applying it, don’t let it come in contact with lips, gums. and skin as sensitivity issues may arise. Sensitivity and irritation are common problems experienced at one point or other. They don’t last forever.

Side effect”

There are no long-lasting side effects. But tooth sensitivity can occur after the process of whitening. That will be gone in 4 to 5 days. As explained above, mouth trays can irritate gums and is uncomfortable. The excess gel should be wiped off from the gums. Make sure to keep the situation updated to your dentist.


The above methods can whiten your teeth within days. But the results are not permanent. Whitening will last about 6 months to 2 years and not more than that. It’s on us to maintain white teeth. After or during the prescribed time, strictly avoid or at least minimize the intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, cold drinks since they are the cause of decoloring.


People can get a basic idea of methods and procedures used by dentists for whitening the teeth. It’s entirely an individual decision to visit a dentist or to try natural ways. These natural techniques take time, and some of them like using hydrogen peroxide or lemon may result in side effects, if not taken care while practicing. Consulting a dentist will analyze cavity, teeth and can implement suitable methods for whitening the teeth.