Fix Tutuapp Not Working Error

Well, this error is interrupting all the time if you are trying to download the paid apps or games. Especially with the PokemonGo game. To play the PokemonGo game without TutuApp has become somewhat difficult as you have to buy numerous items, create a fake location etc. to unlock new levels. And this error is currently seen in most of the app like TutuApp VIP, TutuApp Helper iOS & Android device. So here we have brought you the best and easy solution to fix “Could not be Download at this time” Error.

TutuApp Not Working: How to Fix TutuApp “Could not be Download at this time” Error.

Here below in our instruction, we have brought you the real-time solution for fixing TutuApp not working on PokemonGo download. Using the Android device, we have gone through some of the changes and hacks that made the TutuApp work fine again.

So follow the instruction shown below to solve the issue with a download error. Since this process is working on PokemonGo, then it is definitely going to work with other apps too.

Steps #1: Reset the network Setting

When you face download issue or TutuApp Not working, then you should first reset the network setting. Simply go to the Setting of your Device, then click on the Network, and select Reset Network Setting. Finally, Reboot your phone and try downloading the app again.

Steps #2: Reinstall TutuApp Helper

If you frequently face the same error then you should uninstall the TutuApp helper and reinstall the app. Doing this will automatically clear all the trace of error which is avoiding you to download the App. So download the TutuApp app now and reinstall it

Steps #3: Try Other App

Sometimes there is a moment when the apps are in the process of updating. At this moment, you could not download any apps or games. Hence they show the message “Could not be Download TutuApp Pokemon Go at this time”. So all you need is patient and wait for a few moments. And in the meantime, you can also clear cache from the app which could also fix the issue.